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Who We Are :
The Access Aid Foundation seeks to be part of the change in
Iraq’s journey towards a stable future through a campaign of hope and the provision of avenues for success to help counter extremist ideology. We believe that peace begins in the classroom. With this approach, AAF will mainstream education and learning in all of its programs and methods. Through our access abilities, we will continually assess, identify, and meet the needs of other conflict-affected and hard-to-reach areas in Iraq.
Our goal at AAF is not only to save lives, but to promote transparency and quality in our work, with our partners, and in everything we do. Our understanding of this dire situation and how aid is delivered after years of work on the ground has allowed us to understand the gaps and holes in the humanitarian field. From this vantage point, AAF is positioning itself to effectively conduct our work and carry out our operations on the ground in hard to reach areas.
We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions in coordination with local communities and our partners. AAF understands that beyond the political and religious tensions there are individuals and communities that are in immediate need of help. This problem transcends all borders and we are committed to being part of the solution with all who share our vision and goals.

Access Aid Founadtion

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94% of operational expenses go toward program expenses 
and for some specific donors 100% gose to program services 


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